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    Creative therapy and life coaching could be the key to unlocking a new you and a brighter future. Please feel free to explore our site, or to make a booking for a consultation.

    We specialise in working with non-verbal and disabled clients, autistic people, those with learning difficulties, selective mutes and people living with dementia.

  • What We Do

    Creative Therapy
    Creative therapy is a time-tested way to reach the parts of you that simply talking cannot reach. Our creative therapists work in multiple mediums, and will encourage you to reach your full expressive potential.

    Life Coaching
    This is a bit of a catch-all term, and as you will see from our Other Services section, our particular offering is hard to pin down. It's about healing, it's about dealing, it's about growing and stretching and learning to live.

    The key thing is that we gear our services to you, and to your needs, to helping you identify and reach your goals. We want to work with you and for you, and when we say our services are 'client focused', that's exactly what we mean.
  • Our Services

    Home Visits

    We can come to you at any time that suits.

    To discuss fees, email us first!

    Online Session

    We can meet via Skype or minicom phone, ideal for the verbally challenged or hearing impaired.

    Come to us

    Our home base is fully equipped for disabled access, and is set up for creative therapy at your convenience.

    We now offer group workshops, ideal for team-building, hospitals, schools, residential homes and so on, starting at just £300 per half day.

  • Products

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    Call or email us to request the time and place of your choosing, and tell us about your needs.


    We will email you to confirm your booking and provide payment instructions.


    Once we receive payment, your booking is locked and ready to go!

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